Industries that Need Coding Skills – Prospects For Aspiring Coders

Some people estimate that we’re about to face a shortage of coding skills. A lot of people are studying the skills needed to work in coding, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be enough people to keep up with the demand. 

People with technical skills and a background in coding may find that they have a lot of choices when it comes to potential industries to work in. AI, crypto, and many other industries that have changed at pace show us the potential for new demand for staff to crop up. Plenty of industries need good coders, in a range of different fields from entertainment to security.

The Casino Industry

The casino industry is huge, and since moving online decades ago, the growth has been consistent. There’s also a constant desire for brands to become the best casino online, and to do this they need to push boundaries.

Coders may work for casinos directly, or they may work for some of the developers that supply these casinos. Thousands of games are on the market now, including adaptations of some classic table games, and slot games, which tend to have a much more experimental vibe! People are constantly coming up with new ideas for slots as well as bonus features and added minigames within them.

The casino industry needs coders for reasons besides game development, too. Web developers are in demand, as well as fields like cybersecurity and tech support. Casinos have a lot of moving parts in order to continue to serve people with a wide choice of games, and this means that they are likely to be looking for new coders to get involved.

Working in the entertainment industry is appealing for many people, and the casino industry is a big employer. Tens of thousands of people are already estimated to work in this industry in the US alone, and this number could grow in the coming years.

The FinTech Industry

The finance industry increasingly relies on coding for various applications, from automating trading systems to developing financial models and analyzing data. Coders and developers are in constant demand. Financial industries have become known for their use of technology as the way people handle their money is constantly evolving, so coding skills are used to create innovative financial products and services such as mobile banking apps and blockchain technologies.

Recent years have seen the development and growth of crypto, as well as the popularity of digital wallets. Options for people to put their coding skills into practice in this industry are growing all the time. FinTech evolves every year, and new companies are on the lookout for top talent. While some are considering what the future of coding will look like, AI is not going to automate this top level of talent and creativity.

Software Development

As well as being an industry in itself, software developers work in many other industries. The technology sector is the most obvious industry that requires coding skills. Professionals in this field design, develop and maintain software applications, websites, and systems. 

Software developers may work on any number of projects. If you want to work in this field, you’ll probably be good at problem-solving and always stay on top of technological developments. People can work in the industry as permanent employees or they may choose to freelance and get even more variety in their lives.

Healthcare and Biotech

Coding and healthcare might not be the first link your brain makes – when you think of people working in the industry, you might not think of a coder, but there are plenty of people with coding skills helping to make the industry better.

In healthcare, coding skills are used to develop electronic health records systems, software, and diagnostic tools. In biotechnology, coding is essential for bioinformatics, which involves analyzing biological data and developing algorithms for genomic studies.

This may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but biotechnology is here today, and talented minds are definitely needed to work in the field, including coding and software development. People in the industry can contribute to changing the world in a variety of ways. Fuel and agriculture industries also fall under this category and seem set to go through a number of changes in the coming years.


Most industries have made the leap online now, so it is fair to say that there is a demand in pretty much any industry you can imagine. Professionals who have learned to code can also find employment in retail, other forms of gaming, cybersecurity, the list goes on.

Coding usually attracts a certain type of technically-minded person, and those who have built their skills in the field are likely to have many options in their career in the coming years and decades.